Easter Musings

Today is Easter, and that is a pretty big deal in the Christian tradition.  Without the resurrection of Jesus, Christianity would basically not exist.  Today we went to church, remembered Jesus’ sacrifice, celebrated his life and work, and stood in awe at the grace that his resurrection has brought into our lives.

Today is also a big day for families.  Easter is one of those holidays where large meals seem to be the norm and everyone comes home for dinner.  For me personally, I got a lot perspective today.  To sit and talk with family members, to share in the love and joy and also in the pain and frustration of life is a gift that we all too often overlook.  Jesus died for us so that we could become members of his family, so that we could do life with him.  How many of us take advantage of that?  I know that most days I don’t look at my life that way.  I also know that I don’t recognize the blessings of all the people that God has put into my life.  Life is a journey, and I hope that like me, you have found a few great traveling companions.