I love social media.  I completely understand how many people don’t like it – they find it invasive or a platform for soapbox political or religious views or a place to brag about one’s life.  I get that, it happens and sometimes I get caught up in that part of it.  As much as I love it, you won’t find my best moments plastered on facebook.  Sure, sometimes this bothers me because my profile picture is over 3 years old and I did really cool stuff the last few weekends and should have a picture of that.  Still, I have made peace with the fact that my online image isn’t as cool as I’d like to think I am.  I’ve come to terms with being out of the loop sometimes and  am happy with an old picture and stale posts.

Why?  I learned something recently.  My friends don’t live online.

Maybe this is obvious.  Maybe you are reading this and thinking, “duh, I know that, didn’t you?”  Well, no.  I used to be caught up in my image, in what people read and saw and thought of me and I tried to present my online self in the very best light possible.  My life in the past year or so has taught me that while that is okay to a point, I have real relationships in my everyday life that are far more amazing than having a bunch of strangers think I am cool.  So you might not see sweet pictures of everything I do in my life.  You might look at my facebook page and think I’m pretty lame.  That’s okay.  Tonight, I sat in a room with 5 awesome people sharing stories and life aspirations and talking about how God has called us to live out the stories and passions he gave us.  The reality of that time is better than any picture I could ever instagram and any tweet I could ever compose.  God is changing my view of how to live and what to place importance in and he is doing it using some of the coolest ways possible.

Invest your time and energy into people face to face.  Go to coffee with someone, have a few coworkers over for dinner, visit a parent or a sibling and spend an evening getting to know each other again.  Maybe you will find that your friends don’t live online either.