Live Loved

Have you ever wallowed?  Sometime its nice…wallowing about in a shallow pool in the summer.  But usually wallowing is all about feeling bad for yourself and hanging on to that because you think somehow it makes you feel better about your situation.  I wallow.  It is satisfyingly terrible because wallowing never allows for forward movement.  It keeps me right in the scene of depression or failure and while complaining may help for a moment, moving on never seems to come.

Watch Mike’s explanation of living loved in the video above.  The following are just a few points that I pulled out because they especially impacted my thinking.

I was so bad that Jesus had to die for me. This knowledge robs me of my right to be proud.  I am so loved that Jesus was glad to die for me.  It robs me of my right to be depressed.  God knows what is good and right and best for us.  If we can acknowledge that He loves us and understand what that means, he can show us a way of living that is so vastly different from what we are used to wallowing in.  Living out of this knowledge that I am loved by God changes how I interact with the people and situations in my life.  This is so simple, right?  So why does it take so long to really believe it?